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Zoo Animals I SPY Printable for Kids

Today we are sharing another fun I SPY Printable.  My oldest loved I SPY games when he was little!  I SPY games are great for visual scanning and discrimination, and are just plain fun to do. 

Today's printable is all about Zoo Animals!

I SPY Zoo Animals Printable for Kids

I Spy Printable for Kids

Simply download and print the I SPY: Zoo Animals Printable below and have your child search for each animal.

This I SPY printable includes several animals your little one might see at the zoo: flamingo, bear, elephant, tiger, zebra, lion, giraffe, and crocodile!

Have your child record the number of each animal at the bottom with the numeric number, or this is a great way to practice tally marks.

Either way, make counting fun with this free I SPY printable!

zoo counting printable
Zoo Animals Clipart Licensed to Empty Jar Illustrations.