3D Parts of a Plant Craft Using Recycled Materials


Looking for a fun way to teach the parts of a plant?  Make a 3D model using recycled materials!  Such a great hands-on science activity!

parts of a plant activity for kids

Egg cartons happen to be the material of the month over at TinkerLab's Creative Challenge.  I stumbled on the site somehow and was intrigued by the challenge, but had just thrown out a ton of empty egg cartons from my craft stash (because I had yet to use them).  However, a couple days later, an idea hit me!

We are currently rowing, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and spent a day talking about what plants need to survive and the parts of a plant.

Wanting to reinforce what we learned without worksheets, we turned to my supply of recycled egg cartons!

Parts of  a Plant Craft

  • egg cartons
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • canvas
  • hot glue gun
  • alphabet stickers

We separated most of the egg cartons into individual pieces, except for the stem; leave at least 4 individual egg cups connected.
For the roots we ripped up an egg carton into little pieces.

 I set out some paint and the egg cartons and Big Brother went to work painting!

Egg Carton craft challenge - parts of a plant

To make the Parts of a Plant using egg cartons, use at least:
6 pieces for the flower
5 pieces for the stem
2 pieces for the leaves 
1-3 egg cartons for the roots

Paint the pieces accordingly -- green for the stem and leaves and brown for the roots.  

recycled egg carton parts of flower craft

After all the work in ripping the egg cartons apart and painting, preserve this craft on a canvas! 

Once it was all dry, assemble your plant on two pieces of flat canvas; hot glue the pieces in place.

Use stickers to spell the parts of a plant, but if your child is willing, have him/her write them out-- stem, flower, roots, and leaves.

parts of a plant labeling activity

This turned out to be such a fantastic, hands-on science activity teaching my son the parts of a plant.... and also use my stash of empty egg cartons! 

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