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Easy Easter Fine Motor Skills Craft

Do you ever scroll endlessly looking for a craft that is easy, simple yet educational?  I do!  And I come across some amazing activities, but with 5 kiddos and homeschooling in the mix, I need activities that use everyday materials and are easy to set up.

This Easter craft is all those things: easy to set up.... check!
Uses materials I had on hand.... check!
Worked on fine motor skills.... check!

Put those little hands to work crafting up some Hole Punched Easter Eggs!

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As part of the Virtual Book Club, we've joined in with several other bloggers sharing an activity to go along with The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.  I love tying in our crafts or learning activities with children's books.  I think setting up an activity after wards helps make the story come alive and gives me a theme to center our activities after.  

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett....  

Hole Punched Easter Egg Craft


Prepare this easy Easter craft by cutting out egg shapes from card stock.  I used an egg shaped cup from our Easter egg dying kits.  But free-hand if you are able!  

Provide a hole punch for your child to use.  I used a standard hole punch, but if you have some fun shapes, let your child use those, too!  

The activity is all about getting your child to strengthen their fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Skills Easter Activity

Invite your child over and show him/her how to use the hole punch if they are not familiar with one.

Encourage your child to punch holes in the card stock Easter eggs:
  • Punch one hole or many holes.  
  • Punch holes around the edge of the Easter egg or closer to the middle.
  • Try to make designs in the Easter eggs or punch holes in random places.

Have fun punching holes!!  Join in, too!!  I found the activity kind-of a stress reliever! ha! Punching holes {in paper} was good for my soul! 

Extension Ideas:

  • Work on number sense by writing a number on each egg and have your child hole punch the corresponding number of holes in the Easter egg
  • For your kindergarten - 1st graders, write addition sentences on each egg
  • Draw various kinds of lines or shapes for your child to hole punch.

  • Turn it into a craft with Easter grass.
Above are some extension activities to do if you'd like to add a little more educational "value" to the activity, but I guarentee your little one will get plenty of fine motor practice with this activity! 

Since my little one worked so hard at punching all those holes into the Easter eggs, we turned it into a simple craft!  

On a piece of construction paper, glue the hole punched Easter eggs.  Next add a layer of glue to the bottom and do your best to push Easter grass into the glue; we got a bit messy trying to do this-- fair warning!

And since we had tons of loose paper confetti, we added those to our picture as well! 

Enjoy working with your little ones on this easy Easter Egg Craft! 

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