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Photo Flower Bouquet | Adorable Keepsake for Mother's Day

Give this sweet photo flower craft to someone special in your child's life.  It is sure to be a keeper! Whether it is for Mother's Day or just because, it is the perfect keepsake for a loved one.

Flower Craft for Kids

If you have have more than one child, create a photo flower bouquet!

What you need:

Flower Craft for Kids

How To Make A Photo Flower Bouquet

1.  Print out the flower template available at the end of this post.  Cut out the flower and the middle circle to create the flower template.

Photo Flower Printable Template

2.  Choose a piece of colored card stock for the flower.  Trace the template on the card stock.  Cut out the flower and the circle in the middle-- this is where your child's picture will go.

3.  Cut a picture of your child to fit the center of the flower.  A school  yearbook picture works well as it is just a picture of your child's face.

Flower Bouquet Craft

3.  Glue your child's picture to the flower.

4.  If your child is interested, provide glitter glue and/or sequins so the child can decorate the flower.  If working with lots of glue, you may want to delay gluing the picture in the middle until the decorations have dried.

5.  Once everything is dry, glue a green craft stick to the back of the flower craft.

Flower Craft for Mother's Day

6. Grab an empty mason jar and stuff it with Easter grass or tissue paper.  Then add the photo flowers!

And you have a beautiful flower keepsake to be cherished all year round!
Photo Flower Bouquet Mother's Day Craft

It's perfect for Mother's Day or just because!

For another keepsake idea, check out our I Love You More Than idea.

Download our Flower Template to make your own bouquet today!

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