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DIY Minnie Mouse Tutu for Halloween

So you've decided your little one is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, now what?  Make a DIY Minnie Mouse Tutu!  Add a few extras together and you have an adorable Minnie Mouse costume for the occasion!

minnie mouse tutu halloween costume

This easy costume idea is no-fail, and turns out absolutely adorable!!

Your Minnie Mouse lover will love having her own Minnie Mouse Tutu!

Just add a few other pieces picked up online or a local store, and you've got a simple Minnie Mouse Costume.

I apologize in advance that I don't have a tutorial for the tutu itself-- I searched online and there are a great many blogs that have tutorials for that... or I am sure there are videos on You Tube.

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

For the tutu itself, you'll need:
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Step 1: Make the Tutu

To make the tutu, you will need to measure the waist of the person who will wear the tutu.  Add another couple inches and cut and sew the ends of the elastic together by hand or with a sewing machine.

Cut the tulle into strips-- all the same length.

A video tutorial will come in handy now so you can see how to wrap the tulle around the waist band and knot it.  Continue all the way around the elastic.

minnie mouse tulle tutu for Halloween

Step 2: Add the Polka-Dots

Once you have your tutu done, I simply added circles of white felt to make the polka-dots.

I purchased a sheet of soft adhesive felt from Hobby Lobby, made circle patterns using a top of a spice jar, cut them out, and randomly stuck them on the tutu!

Easy enough!

The felt can be taken off, and reapplied if you need to move them around-- or after Halloween, they can be taken off completely and you'll have yourself a plain red tutu do re-use for Christmas!

minnie mouse tutu DIY Halloween Costume

Step 3: Complete the Look!

To complete the Minnie look you'll need Minnie ears , black shirt, black leggings, and yellow shoes!

For the yellow shoes, I purchased a pair of white fabric shoes from Hobby Lobby (of course!) and painted them with yellow fabric paint.

The real Minnie Mouse has some competition this year!

minnie mouse tutu halloween costume

Are your kiddos costumes all made and./or bought for Halloween?!  It's just a few short days away!

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