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Easter Egg Marble Painting for Preschoolers

Have you and your kids ever tried painting with marbles?  We've done it a few times, and it's always a hit.  Thus we end up with several marble painting creations!  With Easter around the corner, turn those colorful marble painted prints into Easter eggs!

This Easter Egg Marble Painting activity is great for all ages, but easy and fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

Easter Egg Marble Painting Craft

Easy Easter Craft for Kids


Simply gather your choice of paint, some marbles, and a deep sided cake pan.  I opted to use a cake pan that has seen better days, thus I don't use it for baking anymore.  I saved it knowing there could be another use for it, and alas, it is great for this painting activity.

A box would be another good option.

Marble Painting with Kids

We dropped several globs of paint in the cake pan and set our marbles on top.

With or without a lid, start tilting the pan back and forth.  If you have a lid, dance around and get crazy with those marbles!!

marble painting for kids

When your child is all rolled out, carefully pick up the marble painted paper and allow to dry for several hours.  If you make several creations, you may find you'll need to wait til the next day to do anything with them.

If there is interest and you like getting a little crazy, bring out the glitter and have your child sprinkle glitter prior to it drying.

Painting with Marbles

Once dried, I used an old easter egg dying cup and traced around it to create our egg shape.  Just turn the paper over so that it is easier to see the lines.

Marble Painting Preschool Activity

Depending on how you lay the cup on the paper and/or how big you draw your egg shape, you should be able to get at least 4 egg shapes from the marbled paper.

Our eggs were pretty large... and very glittery!

Easter Egg Marble Painting

There's a few different ways to use your Marble Painted Easter Eggs:

Simply arrange them on a piece of paper with Easter grass.

Search for a Easter basket coloring page and add them to the basket (which is how we originally did this craft)

Turn the Easter eggs into garland for your wall or mantle by punching a hole in the top of each egg and threading ribbon through each one.

Marble Painting for Preschoolers

If you haven't tried marble painting yet, I encourage you to try it and create some beautiful and colorful Easter eggs! Our Easter Eggs turned out so colorful and our finished product made a cute craft to hang up on the wall!

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