FIND IT! ABC Letter Game


Play this fun and simple low-prep ABC game to work on letter recognition with toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergartners! 

ABC Letter Game

Try this ABC FIND IT! Game!  It's a  fun low-prep version of I SPY! 

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I love turning our learning goals into games; learning is so much more hands-on and fun that way!  This ABC FIND IT! Game is a mix of I SPY and letter recognition.  If you and your child are familiar with SPOT IT! Games, you'll love this simple letter version.

ABC Letter Game


  • Letter Manipulatives
  • Index Cards
  • Scissors
  • Marker

First, prep the alphabet cards by cutting index cards in half.  Write one letter from the alphabet, A-Z, on each card.

Depending on your letter manipulatives you can choose to work on matching uppercase letter to uppercase letter, lowercase letter to lowercase letter, or uppercase letter to lowercase letter.

Another option is to use one-sided alphabet flashcards.

preschool I SPY alphabet game

How to Play:

Place the alphabet cards face down.

Arrange the letter manipulatives all over the floor or table in front of you.

Flip over  a card and be the first to FIND and grab the matching letter!

Keep playing until there are no more letters.  Be quick! Have fun!

ABC Letter Game

Enjoy this fun alphabet game!  It's:




works on letter recognition

easily adaptable to numbers, shapes, etc!

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