Name Resist Melted Crayon Art

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I thought making our own Melted Crayon Canvas Art would go perfect during our current row, "Harold and the Purple Crayon."  Last week I made a craft store run to pick up a pack of canvases, cheap crayons, and whatever else I found ; )  There are so many different ways to do this project.  We decided to make a Name Resist Crayon Art Canvas.

Melted Crayon Art Project for Kids

What you need:

Fun Craft for the Kiddos!  Grab your stash of crayons and make a Name Resist Melted Crayon Project
I had Big Brother pick the crayon colors to use and I hot-glued them down.  Next, we added stickers spelling his name in the middle of the canvas. 

The crayons did get under the canvas while blow-drying, but didn't bother us.  To make the name stand out more, simple take some white paint and paint the letters.

Set up this project inside a giant box OR lay an old sheet/towels around your work space as the crayons do splatter!
1. Simply arrange your crayons on the canvas with hot-glue

2. Blow-dry away!  It'll take a few seconds to get the crayons heated up to melt

3. Watch your crayons melt away! 

This is one neat project!

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