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"Night of the Moonjellies" Five in a Row Unit Study

I really enjoyed "Night of the Moonjellies" from FIAR: Volume 1.  I think it was because the story was inspired by the author's, Mark Shasha, childhood.  I think books like this one are so special because the reader can actually feel part of the story!  I actually felt like I was in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Mar-Gra's hot dog stand.  I felt like I was part of a special memory between Mark and his grandmother.  I felt like I was in the middle of the sea surrounded by moonjellies!  This book just proves the importance of making memories with the ones you love-- it may turn into a book one day!

Night of the Moonjellies Five in a Row Unit Study

Social Studies:
  • Geography--New England:  We've talked about the states that make up New England, but much had been forgotten!  But I am pretty confident he knows where this region is now! 

  • Slap a [New England] State:  Sorry for the blur!  I was trying to play and take a picture at the same time!  Here we are using our US State cards from Lakeshore Learning; I like that the states are colored by region, but it's also on the back of the card so there was some "cheating" going on!   We also played with cards from the Scrambled States game, but it was difficult for T to recognize the states. 
  • Responsibility:  Check out my post detailing T's new Tic-Tac-Toe Chore Chart.  Two weeks in and he still enjoys crossing the boxes off!
Language Arts:
  • Descriptive Writing/ Five Senses:
  • Short/ Long Vowel Sound Sort:  T learned short /a/ and long /a/ vowel sounds while rowing Mirette on the High Wire, but adding in all the other vowels to the mix confused him greatly.... I tried isolating it for him saying, "If the vowel says it's name, it is long... " but that didn't help much.  I'll also say that he was still getting over a cold, so he just wasn't into it.
  • Counting Money:  Using our Melissa and Doug Money Set, T practiced making change to buy food.  These cards are from Making Learning Fun.
  • Watercolor Jellyfish:   This lesson is from Deep Space Sparkle-- my FAVORITE art blog!!  I wish we had better watercolor paper for this project... the cheapie Crayola brand is too thin.
  • Jellyfish:  I've seen a couple different ways you could make one, but decided on the paper mache' method.  T coated half of a balloon with iridescent orange paper and after it dried I tied in all the ribbon. 

Yes, I made them do this!  But they were willing ; )
  • Label a Jellyfish:  Excuse a couple of words... he was not into handwriting this day!
  • Aquatic Biome:  Learned that things that live in the water, need water to survive.  T colored some fish and coral printables and we used them in a ocean diorama.
Just for fun:
  • Took a field trip to the Aquarium!  This was by far my favorite part!  My husband thought I was "Jellyfish Obsessed" because all I did this week was talk about Jellyfish... jellyfish... jellyfish-- but it was a theme of the book!
Jellyfish Exhibit: 
So stinkin' cool!

Little Sis loved seeing the jellies!

Last but not least, 
  • Swimming with the Jellies!  A genius idea to use glow sticks in the bathtub!  Both kiddos LOVED this!

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