Shaving Cream Messy Sensory Play


Ever since our year long  Tot School journey ended with Little Sis, I have been trying to be more intentional about putting together more sensory type activities for her, as that is what I noticed she really seems to enjoy.  She loves exploring things with her hands, and this messy sensory play activity proved to be a HIT!  

Grab a can of shaving cream, bin, and toys around the house and you've got yourself a sensory bin... a messy one at that! 

messy sensory play
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I put this simple and messy sensory play activity together during Poppins Book Nook Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! book club theme, but ended up sharing our Monster Truck printable instead.  But as mentioned above, it was a much loved activity so had to share! 

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play can range from messy to (somewhat) contained.  I say ''somewhat'' because leave it to my kiddos, they WILL figure out a way to make an activity messier than I thought it should have been.  ha! However, sensory play is so important for kids of all ages!  Sensory play:
  • encourages creativity
  • works on cooperation and sharing
  • stimulates the five senses
  • encourages language development
  • involves early learning skills
  • .... and is FUN! 
For this sensory play activity, we welcomed the mess!  And bonus, it was super easy to clean up, too!

Shaving Cream Clouds Messy Sensory Play

As mentioned above, this messy sensory play activity was done while we were reading some fun transportation themed books.  So it seemed fitting to make puffy clouds with a can of shaving cream!


To set up this messy sensory play activity, squirt the shaving cream into cloud like shapes in an empty container or on a large flat surface you don't mind getting messy for the time being.  

Next, add your toy airplanes. 

Then, prepare for take-off!!

shaving cream messy sensory play

messy sensory play with toys

At first, my kids were a bit timid.  They weren't sure what to do with these big globs of shaving cream!  However, I encouraged the kids to grab an airplane and fly through the clouds.  Soon enough, the planes... and my kids were covered with shaving cream. 

Needless to say, the shaving cream became one big smeared mess, but the kids had a blast!  

My kids had fun playing together, flying their planes in the air, and crash landing through the clouds.

Once play began to cease, we did a quick clean up by washing the planes, the bin, and hands off with water. 

Voila!  Messy sensory play complete! 

messy sensory play with shaving cream and toys