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Easy Letter Matching Christmas Tree Activity

I put together a super simple alphabet activity for Little Sis the other day.

You just need a couple materials and it's a fun and festive little activity that works on letter recognition.

Just grab some alphabet stickers, green construction paper, scissors, and a pen to make an Alphabet Christmas Tree for letter recognition and matching skills.

christmas tree letter matching activity

Christmas Tree Letter Matching Activity

I called this activity our Chicka Chicka Christmas Tree!  


Using the scissors, I cut out a Christmas tree from the green construction paper.

Then randomly wrote the letters of the alphabet all over the Christmas tree.

In a bowl, I put foam alphabet letters we received from CraftProjectIdeas.Com.

preschool christmas alphabet activity

After a rare nap, Little Sis grabbed the this activity from the shelf.

She picked up a letter from the bowl and we worked together to identify the letter and find it on the Christmas tree.

Little Sis then peeled off the sticker and stuck it on the Christmas tree.

Bonus that this activity also works on fine motor skills!!

letter match christmas tree

Hope you enjoyed this simple and festive alphabet activity as much a Little Sis!  If you don't have any letter stickers, you could also use dot stickers, alphabet stamps,or hole-punched circles.

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