Yarn Wrapped Present Ornament


You may already know, but we enjoy yarn wrapped crafts around here.

We have made yarn wrapped rainbows, yarn wrapped tulips, and today we went a little festive and made Yarn Wrapped Presents Christmas tree ornament.

ornament kids can make

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Cute Ornament Kids Can Make

Thought I'd do a little mini series on the blog and today is Day 4 of 5 Simple Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Along with doing the basics, reading and crafting Christmas Around the World, I have been setting up simple invitations to create ornaments for my kiddos.  They love crafting, so we have been busy!

To make some Yarn Wrapped Presents for your Christmas tree, you'll need:

To begin, you will want to make a square with the popscicle sticks and glue the sticks together with your glue gun.

easy ornaments kids can make

Pick out your yarn "wrapping paper" and begin wrapping it every which way over your square.....

ornament kids can make

When your wrapping is complete, cut two pieces of ribbon that will be laid horizontally and vertically.  

Glue the ribbon together in the back.  

Next, add your miniature bow and some string to hand it on the tree!

easy kid made christmas ornament

Merry Christmas! 

easy ornament kids can make
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