Rainbow Alphabet Paint Chip Puzzle


Most recently, we added in some color into our winter days with a Rainbow Theme.  

To help Little Sis with letter recognition, I created a ABC Rainbow Puzzle.

preschool rainbow activity

Being that she doesn't recognize all the letters yet, this activity was a bit of a challenge; luckily Big Brother was there to help her out!

To create this ABC Rainbow Puzzle you'll need:

Preschool Literacy Rainbow Activity

I began creating this ABC puzzle by writing a letter on each paint swatch.  

Using my scalloped edged scissors, I cut them apart to create a puzzle. 

From two white paint swatches, I cut clouds.  

I chose to use paint swatches to add in an element of self-correction as each color goes from dark to light.  

paint chip idea

To help Little Sis out, we would tell her the color of paint swatches to grab and then Big Brother and I would tell her the order of the letters to see if she could figure it out...

When it was complete, we made a beautiful ABC Rainbow!

paint chip alphabet puzzle

This activity could easily be adapted to be made with construction paper instead, or it could be built vertically.

Instead of piecing the alphabet together from the beginning, you could simply set it up like in the picture below and have your child "fill in the missing letter."

diy alphabet puzzle

Hopefully all our rainbow activities will make Spring come a little bit sooner!

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