Paint Chip Number Punch Puzzle & 27 More Ways to Learn with Paint Chips

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If you are like me and have a stash because the task of choosing a paint color for one or more rooms of your house is enough to make you go crazy you keep going back to find "the right one," you'll appreciate this list of 28 ways to learn with paint chip swatches!  And to be honest, the task of choosing a paint color was pure insanity... but that is a whole other story ; )

Cool Ways to Learn with Paint Chips

Before I share the many other paint chip learning activities with you, here is a new one I made up for my toddler.  I grabbed two 3 color paint swatches from my stash and used a paper punch to punch a certain number of stars in each color.
I used one paint swatch for the numbers 1-3 and the other paint swatch for numbers 4-6. I could not find my smaller hole puncher, so that is why I used two paint swatches.  If you have a smaller hold punch, you could probably just use one 6 colored paint swatch and punch the numbers accordingly.
Next, I cut them up into individual colors so that my toddler would have to count to put them back in the correct order.  Also, because the paint swatches go from light to dark, there is an element of self correction built into the activity.
Easy to put together and adapt as needed!

Now, here are 27 more ways to use paint chips in your homeschool and/ or classroom!
Paint Chip Mosaic
Earth Day Art Activity 
Rainbow Mosaic
Paint Swatch Pointillism
Paint Chip Board Game
Paint Swatch Drop
Color Sudoku
Outdoor Color Match 
KWL Charts
Paint Chip Pick-Up: Fine Motor Activity
Cutting Practice
Numbers & Counting
Place Value Pinch Cards
DIY Magnetc Tangrams
Crocodile Counting 
Paint Chip Number Recognition
Mickey Mouse Inspired Multiplication
Number Sequencing
Color Shades Busy Bag
Paint Chip Color Game
Homemade Color Book
Crayon Color Sort
Language Arts & Reading
Colors, Letters, & Words
Cut & Paste Sight Words
Rainbow ABC's
Reading Game
Word Families

{P.S. If you do not have a stash of paint chips, many of these activities can be made with construction paper, too. Or, call your local hardware store and ask if they have any outdated paint chips they would be willing to give away. }
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