LEGO Hangman | Fun Spelling Practice Activity


There are a lot of fun ways to learn with LEGOs.  Add a LEGO flair to the classic game, Hang-Man.  Use this fun activity way as a way to practice spelling.  Ditch the spelling drills and play LEGO Hangman!

spelling practice activity

We've been on a roll the past few weeks sharing a couple new hands-on ways for your child to practice his/her spelling list, and today I am sharing yet another idea that was a big hit with my son!

Why, you ask?

It involved Legos.

It is a game.

It is similar to hangman.

Thus, we practiced his latest spelling list with a little game called, LEGO Hangman.

Spelling Practice with LEGOs

However, the catch is is that you do not want to build a Lego figurine!  But building a mis-matched Lego figurine was half the fun!

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LEGO Spelling Game

We used a tray that was divided into six compartments.

In each compartment was a group of Lego pieces: legs, bodies, heads, hats, miscellaneous pieces, and a couple of cars my son built.

With these pieces, my son had six chances to pick the correct letters to spell one of his spelling words.

 So if you guessed a letter that was not in the word, he had to choose a Lego piece.

We continued until he had a Lego figure built and/or he correctly spelled or guessed the word!

Making spelling practice fun with LEGOs

As I mentioned, it was a big hit with my son and I'm sure we'll be practicing his spelling words like this a lot more!

Alternatively, you could begin with several LEGO mini-figures put together and take it apart for every guessed letter not in the spelling word.  At the end, count how many completed mini-figures you have! 

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