Ladybug Spots Roll & Cover Activity | Preschool Math Game


Have you spotted any ladybugs out and about yet?  

Still a bit too chilly here, but knowing Little Sis is just fascinated by the tiny red insect, I created a fun Race to 10 Ladybug Math Game that encourages turn-taking, fine motor skills, counting, and 1:1 correspondence!

Try this fun and simple preschool math game today!

Ladybug Counting Game - Printable

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Ladybug Preschool Printable

ladybug counting printable
  • Download your free Race to 10 Ladybug Spots printable HERE!
  • 10 Pom Poms or small manipulative for EACH player
  • numbered die

How To Play:

To keep the printable in good shape and re-use later, laminate for durability (optional).

Grab ladybug spot manipulatives; we used black pom poms for each plaer and a six sided die.
Player 1 rolls the die and covers that many black dots on their ladybug.  Thus, if a 2 is rolled-- place cover two black spots with pom poms.  

Each ladybug has 10 spots. 

The first to 10, wins!

Ladybug Printable - Roll and Cover Game

Try this simple, hands-on ladybug game to LEARN and PLAY with your kiddos today!  

It's a great way to work on important preschool skills! 


Low Prep

Sneaks in Fine Motor Skills

Works on Counting Skills and 1:1 Correspondence