SHAPES Printables Preschool Pack

Looking for some cute and fun and FREE printables to teach and reinforce shapes to your toddler and/or preschooler?  Look no further! Today's post is all about our latest SHAPES Printables Preschool Pack.   Download and print one or all eight of our shapes printables for preschool!  



Well, for one they are fun to teach!  Shapes are one of the early learning concepts that a child can see and identify, either verbally or non-verbally, at a young age.  Parents expose their child to different shapes just by experiencing life together, and naturally children begin to associate the term circle, for instance, with an object that is round as parents point out circles throughout their day to day activities.  As you are on a walk, point out the square windows and octagon stop sign.  When serving dinner, tell your child about his/her round or square plate.  In turn, being able to identify, discriminate, and sort various objects by shapes will help them identify, discriminate, and sort through letters, numbers, etc!  


''Worksheets''  and printables have gotten a bad rap, but they don't have to be dull, boring, and/or drill & kill! And our shapes preschool printables prove just that!  These shape printables will not only teach and reinforce simple shapes, but your child will also work on fine motor skills, counting, shape recognition, visual discrimination, and more!!

Most of the shape printables are ''print & go,'' but with little hands, you may find it beneficial to laminate the printables or place them in a page protector.

You will also need access to:


The printable pack contains eight different low-prep activities reinforcing simple shapes- circle, square, star, rectangle, and triangle.  The activities included:

  • Shape puzzles
Laminate and cut for your child to piece back together OR use the activity to have your little one practice cutting!
  • Trace the Lines Pre-writing activity
Your child will trace various lines connecting the shapes together.  This is a great fine motor activity!
  • Shadow Matching Memory Game
  • Sizing activity
Practice sorting from Big to Little
  • Name that Shape Game!
Fun no-prep game to foster shape recognition.  Grab a die and some type of game piece for each player.
  • Do A Dot Shapes
Grab your Do A Dot markers and fill in the dots to make the shape.
  • Counting Shapes #1-5
Grab a pair of scissors and glue for this cut and paste shapes worksheet. 
  • Match the Shapes Coloring Activity

These hands-on shapes printables for preschool will be a fun addition to your SHAPES theme activities.  Your preschooler will be able to identify and recognize 5 important shapes: circle, square, star, rectangle, and triangle. 

Download your Shapes Printables Pack Preschool  HERE!