Autumn Themed BUMP Games {Freebie!}


Practicing math facts are way more fun when playing games.  Play these Fall Themed roll and cover BUMP Games to practice addition!  There are four different BUMP gameboards and can be played with your 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd graders! 

bump games - addition

Bump Games

Learning and reinforcing concepts through games is way more fun and effective than drill, drill, drill!
A great way to reinforce math concepts is by playing a math game called "Bump!".  

The object of  bump games is to get rid of all your manipulatives, but while playing, someone can "bump" you off one of your spots!  

This game can be played with your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade student(s).

Fall Theme Bump Games

This week we teamed up with the 2nd Grade Blogging Crew for some Leaf Themed Fun.  

We created 4 Fall Leaves Math Bump Games for you to enjoy!
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To play:

I started by creating one Fall Leaves Bump! Game, and ended up with four!  

Three game boards focus on addition and one game board focuses on multiplication for factors through 6.

How to play Bump Games

For the Fall Leaves Bump! Games, one person rolls the dice and adds the numbers to find the answer.  
The player will then add a manipulative to a leaf with the answer.  

Player 2 rolls and does the same thing.  

Now comes the "fun" part... 

If a player rolls a number that someone is already on, they can "bump!" the person off.  

The trick is if a person has two manipulatives on that number, they are "safe!" and cannot loose their spot.

Continue playing until someone gets rid of all their manipulatives.


cool math game for kdis

cool math game for kids

cool math game for kids

cool math games for kids
  • Fall border clipart provided by Artifex.
  • Leaves clipart provided by The3amTeacher.
  • Please do not alter, sell, upload, host, or copy our Bump Games.
  • For personal use only.

Hope you enjoy this fall themed printable for your classroom or homeschool!

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