Free Printable Shape Mats


Add in some fine motor skills strengthening while learning about shapes with left-over spaghetti noodles! 

Makes for a fun sensory experience preschoolers are sure to love!

free printable shape mats
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With a small leftover batch of spaghetti and a few of our printable shape mats, my toddler and preschooler worked on fine motor skills, shapes and color recognition, and had a bit of sensory play!

To set up this activity, warm up a batch of leftover spaghetti or make a small fresh batch.

Print and laminate our shape mats.

Printable Shape Mats for Preschool

Set out a bowl of noodles and encourage your child to outline the shape with noodles! So fun!  

There are 10 shapes to choose from or work on them all:
  • circle
  • square 
  • rectangle
  • rhombus
  • hexagon
  • pentagon
  • octagon
  • star
  • oval
  • triangle

free printable shape mats

This activity can also work on snack time, too!

If spaghetti noodles aren't your thing, simply use the shape mats with various loose parts or play dough.

printable shape mats

Enjoy your Shape Mats!
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