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Magnet Board Dot to Dot Alphabet Activity

It is easy to collect quite a stash of learning manipulatives homeschooling several children of various ages.

It's also easy to forget what exactly you have and/or you can easily get stuck in a learning manipulative "rut" only using the items one way.

Today we've teamed up with the Learning Manipulative Blogging Team to showcase different ways to use those alphabet magnets!

Giant Dot to Dot Alphabet Activity

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We pulled out our Leapfrog Alphabet Magnets that I've had since Big Brother was about 3 or 4 and gave them new life with this Alphabet Magnets Dot to Dot Activity.  

Preschool Alphabet Activity

Any variation of alphabet magnets will do, but we do love our Leapfrog Alphabet Magnet Set.

You'll also need a decent sized magnetic white board.

I originally purchased ours to use with our spelling curriculum, and it has been a great investment!

So, you'll need:

magnetic letters Dot to Dot activity

How to Set up the Activity:

Randomly place the alphabet magnets on the white board.

You can try to make a design, too-- we tried to make a person and butterfly.

Next, have your child begin at letter A and connect the magnetic letters by drawing a line from one letter to the next going in alphabetical order.

Alternatively, for those still recognizing their ABC's, you could put the letters in order around the board in a circular or up and down pattern as I did in our very first image shared in this post.

{Another great way to work on alphabetical order is letter sequencing using Legos}.

Have fun!  We laid our white board on the table, but this activity can be used on a vertical plane, too.  It's also great way to work on crossing the mid-line!

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