Preschool Roll and Build Play Dough Game


Give new life to your Potato Head Sets with this fun Roll and Build Dice game using play dough!  

My little ones had so much fun creating some pretty interesting looking Play Dough Spud Creatures all the while sneaking in some math skills like number recognition!
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fun play dough preschool game

To play, find separate your Potato Head pieces into six groups-- eyes, nose, mouth, arms, feet, and "anything else".  

On a sheet of paper write out what each number of the die equals; 1= eyes, 2= nose, etc.

Grab some play dough and your are ready to roll and build a play dough spud!

fun play dough preschool game

Along with our Mr. Potato Head pieces, we also used a bag of body part accessories from CraftProjectIdeas that can be used in clay, play dough, etc.

They were the perfect size for this activity.

However, it was fun to mix and match different pieces to make a crazy looking Play Dough Spud!

Fun Play Dough Preschool Game

One player simply rolls the die and adds that piece to his/her play dough.

Continue taking turns rolling the die and building your own unique play dough creature.

Have fun!  I know my kiddos sure did!
fun play dough preschool game
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