Letter N Craft


Crafting your way through the alphabet by creating letter crafts is a fun way to teach your preschooler and/or Kindergartener their ABCs! Letter crafts create a ''hook'' for visual and tactile learners to help them later identify the shape and sound of each letter.  For the letter n, we'll show you how to make a N is for Nest craft!

Letter N Craft

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We no longer do a Letter of the Week type curriculum like we did during Tot School.  However, we do enjoy crafting a letter of the alphabet every few weeks. We have almost completed our alphabet crafts--- just a few more letters left!

Letter N Craft

Our letter N craft was very easy to put together.  You'll need:

N is for Nest Craft - Letter N Craft

I drew and cut out a letter n from construction paper and glued it onto our blue background.

I gave my preschooler some brown construction paper and encouraged her to rip it into thin strips.  With these brown strips, we created our birds nest.

To complete our nest, we added a bird that my preschooler painted with watercolor paints.  I cut the bird out and we glued it into our nest.

Once it dried, we added it to our schoolroom art wall where we have all the other letters Little Sis has crafted over the past several months.

n is for nest letter n craft 
We hope this letter n craft inspires you to have fun learning and playing with your kiddos today!  Why not add this activity to your ''Letter of the Week'' activities.  You can:
  • read books that begin with the letter n
  • practice writing the Letter N in a Bird Seed Writing Tray!
  • eat a yummy treat that begins with the letter n like nectarines and/or 'nuggets'





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