Money Battleship: Fun Math Game for Kids


Make learning about money fun by playing a game!  Try this Battle-ship Inspired Money Game!

A few weeks ago we joined the Learning with Manipulatives Blogging Team and shared several fun ways to learn with toy money.  

Our Counting Coins Grid Game was a playful way to work on coin recognition and counting using toy money with your younger children.  

For older kiddos who are ready to count change, this Money Battleship Game might be a perfect game to play!

money math battleship game
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  • toy coins
  • paper
  • ruler
  • pen

There are several ways you can set up this game, but first grab your stash of real or toy coins.

Make your own grid using Word or draw it by hand.  Add letters along the top and numbers along the side of the grid.

Money Math Game

Then, decide how you want to play!  
  • Make a dollar with four quarters, dimes, or nickels.
  • Or, each player gets coins that add up to a certain amount, and you win the game by collecting .35cents, for example.
Fun Money Math Game for Kids

My son and I played with various coins equal to a dollar.

To win, you had to collect .50cents.  

You play like a regular game of battleship by setting coins on any coordinate you choose.

You could place a coin on every coordinate or stack several coins on one--  your choice!

Once you have your coins laid out, player one will say a coordinate, {A,3} and the other person will either say "hit" or "miss."

If it was a "hit," they will give the coins on that coordinate to the other person.  If it was a "miss," the next player takes a turn calling out a pair of coordinates.

Continue taking turns until someone collects the most money!

For another interesting take on battleship, you might like the game played on a hundreds board.

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