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Egg Tray Ten Frames: Learning how to Make 10

Learning new concepts is always fun with a variety of different manipulatives--especially math!

Today we are joining our Learning with Manipulatives friends to share a fun math activity.

In this Making 10 Math Activity your child will work out various addition problems adding up to 10 using foam blocks.

Using manipulatives are great for hands-on learners!

hands-on ten frames activity for kids

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We picked up our foam blocks for pretty cheap and have used them for all sorts of activities ranging from a Color Matching Velcro Tower to Word Family BINGO to this Making 10 Math Activity!

Ten Frames Math Idea for Kids

What you need:

  • Making 10 Worksheet {free printable available at}
  • Empty Egg Carton {cut the egg carton so that there are 10 spaces}
  • Two colors of  Foam Blocks
  • Pencil or Number Manipulatives

ten frames math idea for kids

Tell your child you are going to work on adding numbers to make 10 using the foam blocks.  

With the Making 10 worksheet handy, read the addition problem: "2+ __=10".

Model the problem by placing two of the same colored blocks into the egg carton.  Next ask your child "How many more do we need to make 10?"  

Your child can easily count the empty spaces in the egg carton to find the answer.

Ten Frames Math Idea

This Making 10 Math Activity is great for visual and tactile learners.  Have your child use the other color foam blocks to fill in the empty spaces.

Cool Ten Frames Math Idea

Instead of having Little Sis write the numbers in the blank, I brought out some foam number manipulatives.  This allowed us to work on number recognition as well.

If your child is not ready for adding to make 10, try this fun math game with foam blocks or any type of manipulative you choose!

Or work on Number Bonds with Cars! {one of my son's favorite activities}

More ways to learn with foam blocks:

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