DIY 4th of July Flag Decoration for Kids


Empty paper towel tube? Don't throw it out!!  I hold it hostage in our school room until a creative idea strikes.  Seriously. I do!  So what did I do with them? you ask.  Made something festive for the 4th of July!

Get ready for the 4th of July holiday with the kiddos by making a simple American Flag Craft.  

I just love all things red, white, and blue!  We've made some festive 4th of July noisemakers and tie-dye shirts for the holiday in the past.  

Today we are sharing a American Flag decoration using paper tubes!

American Flag DIY 4th of July Decoration

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Use your stash of paper tubes to create a festive decoration perfect for the 4th of July.  Grab the kiddos and and have fun painting!

Supplies Needed:

4th of July Decoration for Kids

Gather five long paper tubes or mix n' match sizes; we used three long paper tubes and five short paper tubes.

One of the short paper tubes will need to be cut in half.

In the picture below, you can see how we set up our flag so that we were able to re-create the red and white stripes and the blue part with white stars.

4th of July American Flag Craft

Once the paper tubes have been painted and have dried, time to use the glue gun to hold it all together.  

Glue the paper tubes onto one another.  

Meanwhile, get busy punching white stars with a star paper punch.  I think I made fifty... I lost count! 

Use mod podge to glue the stars onto the blue part of the paper tube American flag.

Patriotic Flag Kid Craft

Finally, glue the ends of the ribbon into the hole of each paper tube.

Enjoy a little red, white, and blue American flag decoration!

So simple and easy for the kids to make!

And the perfect way to use up your paper tube stash-- so start holding them hostage like I do ; )

DIY Flag Craft 4th of July Decoration

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