Pony Bead Rainbow Pattern Fine Motor Activity

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We are in the midst of some serious cold weather lately and it has made me want to add some colorful activities onto our shelves, so I put together a few rainbow themed activities for Little Sis to do while I work with Big Brother on his school stuff.  One of our rainbow activities is perfect to share with you as part of the on-going Fine Motor Fridays Series-- our Pony Bead Rainbow Pattern Activity.
Pony Bead Rainbow Fine Motor Activity
To set up this activity, you'll need:
11 wooden sticks {ours are courtesy of CraftProjectIdeas.com}
Pony Beads 
*11 red
*9 orange
* 7 yellow
*5 green
*3 blue
*1 purple
Styrofoam Base
Once I had the supplies gathered, I drew out the rainbow pattern on a piece of paper so that Little Sis could build her rainbow independently.  Simply present the activity to your child and it is pretty self-explanatory.  Just follow the pattern drawn out on the card for each stick, and watch the pony bead rainbow appear!
 As you can see, this Pony Bead Rainbow Pattern Activity also doubles as an exercise in counting, too!
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