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30 Unique Process Art Projects for Kids

The lazy days of summer allow creativity and imagination to take center stage.  Too often during the school year we are often so focused on reading, writing, math, and everything BUT art that I love to make art our focus during the summer months.

This collection of process art activities can be done year-round, but the warmer days are the perfect reason to get outside and bring out the paint without fear of it having spill all over the floor, furniture, counters, etc. etc!!  Painting in the grass puts me much more at ease! Don't you agree?

Or, if the weather is just cooperating-- don't let it put a cloud over you.... make a fun process art collage or sculpture, instead!

So here's a collection of 30 Unique Process Art Projects I think you ought to try!

30 process art ideas for kids

Process Art Projects for Kids

After so many blog posts, it can get hard to navigate them all but I came across 15 projects we have shared here that I don't think you should miss!  There may even be more, but this should send you on your way exploring more of what we have shared here before:

Great for preschool and/or Kindergarten kiddos with an interest about learning about the clouds in the sky!
One of my favorite projects of all time!  We even have another growing collection of "junk" to make another sculpture soon!
Take a nature walk to collect some things and then bring it back home and create!
With just one material the end result made me think of starts in the sky!
Kiddos of all ages will enjoy this activity-- make it a collaborative project!  This idea was inspired by Alexander Calder, but you could just gather the materials and create instead.
You might not want to do this one during the summer, BUT the idea works the same without making a snowflake.
This was a mix of color sorting and free art-- great for little ones.  

And here is a collection of 15 more process art activities from around the web that I think are pretty amazing!

With flies in full force this summer, grab an extra one for a fun outdoor painting activity!  Looks so fun!... and messy!
Grab some neighborhood kiddos for a tree branch painting party, then proudly display those colorful branches in a vase!  These remind me of our Twig Icicle Christmas ornaments!
Fidget spinners: the latest kid craze!  Create a unique piece of art that looks like fireworks!
I've seen painting with various fruits and veggies before; we've done our own apple printing while reading How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World, but never thought to use citrus fruits!
Process art allows you to create with pretty much anything around you.  Get into your kiddo's LEGO Duplo stash and some paint and create some unique patterns using these building block.  If your kiddos want more direction or are interested, encourage them to create Duplo Robot Prints!
Perfect process art activity for summer!
We've created some lovely crafts by yarn wrapping (spring tulips and rainbows), but have never just tried painting with it!
I think the older kiddos would get into this activity!  My kids had fun mark making our scratch art owls!
If you had a kiddo recently learn cursive, they'll love this activity!  Turn your own name into a unique cursive alien!

Now if your kids are like mine, usually one process art project just won't cut it-- my kids make multiple copies-- and with 4 kiddos, that's A LOT of artwork!!!  But alas, instead of throwing them away (!), here's 15 creative ways to recycle those creative art projects!!!