Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Game


Tis the season for "winter-y" learning themes-- snow, polar bears, mittens, and... penguins!  Your child will love playing this simple Penguin Roll & Cover Math Game this winter.  It's a fun, hands-on way for your child to build number sense such as number recognition and counting!

And bonus that it is LOW PREP for you- the teacher and/or parent!

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Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Game

Roll & Cover Math Game

An easy way to make learning fun is to turn activities into games, and we have created a number of games for various learning concepts.  Some of my favorites include:
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Alphabet Basketball was a super fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet.

And, if teaching your child the numbers through 12, play this Roll & Cover Math Game!


Penguin Number Sense Game

Young children will love learning and reinforcing the numbers 1-6 or 7-12 with these penguin themed math games.  I mean, goldfish are involved... what kiddo doesn't like goldfish ; )

How to Play:

This low-prep game is super easy.  To work on numbers 1-6, simply roll a die, find the matching numeral on the printable and place a goldfish in the circle.  

If playing with numbers 7-12, grab two dice.  Roll the dice, add the numbers together, and cover the matching number with a goldfish.

Continue until all the numbers are covered with goldfish.

During this game, your child will be working on building number sense-- one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, counting (if using a dotted die), and addition (if working on numbers 7-12).

Penguin Theme Math Worksheet

I've included two Penguin Roll and Cover Games for each set so that it can either be played as a one or two player game.

If playing a two player game, the first person to cover their gameboard with goldfish wins!

Another way to play:

Play the Penguin Roll & Cover game as a traditional "BUMP" game with multi-colored goldfish and use one gameboard.  Each player uses a certain colored goldfish.

Player one rolls the die/dice and placed a goldfish on the matching number.  Player 2 takes a turn.  Now, you must put two goldfish on each number to "claim" the spot.

Thus, if Player 1 rolls a 3 and places a goldfish there, but Player 2 rolls a 3.  Player 2 can take Player 1's goldfish off the number and cover it with their goldfish.

Continue playing until all the numbers have been claimed by two same colored fish.  Whoever has the most circles covered, wins!

I hope your children enjoy this simple winter math game!  These adorable Penguin Roll & Cover game and goldfish "manipulatives" are sure to be a big hit!

Click to print your Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Gameboards:

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