Marbled Easter Egg Craft

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We haven't pulled out the paints for some "free-style" painting in quite a while, so with a project in mind Big Brother and I got out our paint and marbles to create some Marble Paintings.  And of course we didn't do just one painting, we created seven different creations!

Simply gather your choice of paint, some marbles, and a deep sided cake pan.  If your cake pan has a lid... use it ; )  But not necessary.  We dropped several drops of paint in the cake pan and set our marbles on top.  With or without a lid, start tilting the pan back and forth.  If you have a lid, dance around and get crazy with those marbles!!
 Seven marble paintings later...!!!

We gave them a day to dry because we had some big globs because of the amount of paint we used.  Just remember, a little bit does go a long way : )  I searched online and found a printable Easter Basket outline and egg outlines.  I sent the marbled paper through our printer, stacked them all up, and cut out the egg shapes.  

Big Brother and Little Sis colored their Easter baskets and then we cut them out and glued them onto construction paper.  We added some Easter grass and finally our marble painted eggs!

Have you tried marble painting before?  Our Easter Eggs turned out so colorful and our finished product made a cute craft to hang up on the wall!

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Happy Easter!

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