Jellyfish Handprint Craft for Kids


This jellyfish handprint craft may just be the cutest jellyfish I ever did see!  This low-mess jellyfish craft will become your newest favorite keepsake to make this summer and/or as part of an under the sea theme in your homeschool or classroom.

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Mom-led crafts like this one didn't happen to often during the school year.  Now that we have finished our book work, it was time to do a fun summer craft.  But alas, I do love a good book to go along with our activities.  I like to think I am sneaky-- adding in a skill or concept while creating, but I am sure my kiddos see right through me!

Here's a few jellyfish books to check out:
Peanut Butter and Jellyfish
Jeremiah Jellyfish Flies High
Narwhal and Jelly (My 6 year old LOVES this series)
Commotion in the Ocean

In all seriousness, this would be a PERFECT craft to introduce the Letter J!  Tell your child what sound the letter J makes if he/she doesn't already know and then say, "J is for...." and see if your child can list (although it'll probably be more like a shouting match) things that begin with the letter J!

Jellyfish Craft 

Gather some simple supplies around the house for this adorable jellyfish craft using your little one's handprint!


To begin making your own jellyfish craft, create the background with paint and bubble wrap.  Doing this first gives it a little more drying time before you glue everything down.  

Brush paint on your sheet of bubble wrap and then press the bubble wrap (paint side down!!) onto the piece of card stock.  

Our piece of bubble wrap was actually a bag, so my son was able to put his hand in the bag and blot the bubble wrap up and down in various places.

Once done, set aside to dry.

Jellyfish Handprint Craft

Now it is time to create the cutest jellyfish craft with your child's hand!  

On another sheet of paper, trace your child's hand.  Depending on ability, have your child try to cut it out.  But for ease, feel free to cut it out yourself!

Next have your child decide what colors he/she wants the tentacles of their jellyfish to be.  Cut several pieces of ribbon and attach to the back of the jellyfish with tape. 

** if the ribbon is too curly, have an adult slide the shiny slide of the ribbon along a pair of scissors; this should straighten it out a bit! ** 

Flip the jellyfish around the the front, and glue two googly eyes.

Don't forget to add a little smile! 

Using our kwik stick -- MY favorite no mess paint for kiddos!! -- add some colorful seaweed to the bottom of the picture.  

Glue your jellyfish onto the bubble wrap painted cardstock, and see!!!  Isn't it the cutest?!!!  

Enjoy making this cute jellyfish craft with your little one! 

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