Toddler Matching Printables to Print Now!


Matching activities and games are a fun first activity for your 2 or 3 year old.  Toddlers will especially love having a game and/or activity all their own!

Foster early learning skills like colors, numbers, and letters by improving visual discrimination abilities with these toddler matching printables.  These 15 printable matching games are low-prep and FREE!

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I'm not sure exactly when the fascination started, but my 2 year old has been all about pointing out things that match lately-- in books, clothing, outside in nature... everywhere!

Recognizing things that are the same is an important early learning skill as it develops visual discrimination which will come in handy when learning letters, numbers, etc.  Parents and adults around a little one can foster matching skills through a variety of ways:

One is helping your child make the connection by pointing and voicing that two objects are the same color, shape, size... whatever.

Another way is through play!

Toddler Matching Printables

I love providing hands-on activities and games to help my kiddos learn a certain topic, but heading to the store might not be feasible at the moment (ya know, life happens!) and so I am going to share some matching activities for toddlers that you can print right at home.  There are so many creative and FUN printable matching games!

Matching activities to share and play alongside your toddler are plentiful; from superheroes to letters of the alphabet to matching animals-- enjoy this collection of free matching activities for toddlers.


Superhero Matching Puzzles | School Time Snippets
Calling all superhero fans!  This unique 3 piece matching printable allows your kiddo to create their favorite superhero OR mix and match to create his/her own!

Camp Matching Game Printable | The Crazy Outdoor Mama
Use this adorable camping printable set as a matching activity or sensory activity!

Dinosaur Theme Matching Game | Simple Everyday Mom
This colorful dinosaur matching set also teaches your child dinosaur names.

ABC Letter Find | 123Homeschool4Me
This matching game is a great way to introduce your toddler to letters of the alphabet without overwhelming him/her.

Fruit Matching Games | Life Over C's
Three different matching games- classic memory, clip cards, and cover-up with a colorful fruit theme.

Ice Cream Shape Matching | Totschooling
Your toddler will love matching these friendly faced shapes to complete an ice cream cone-- a great way to introduce colors, too!

Monster Match Printable | Artsy Fartsy Mama
Play a classic game of memory with these not-so-scary, but oh so cute monster printables!

Fossil Sensory Bin | ABC's of Literacy
This unique matching activity develops visual discrimination while adding a fun sensory component!

Fish Count & Match Printable | Preschool Play & Learn
Not yo' mamas classic matching activity!  This fun matching game works on 1:1 number recognition with delicious goldfish crackers.

Simple Matching Worksheets | Planes and Balloons
These cute workbook-like pages would be a great dinner time distraction!

Alphabet Matching Puzzles | Childhood 101
An older toddler or preschool sibling can work on letter and sound recognition with these simple alphabet puzzles.

Vehicle Shadow Matching | Free Printable Worksheets for Kids
Match colorful construction vehicles to its shadow-- a simple matching printable for little ones.

Pineapple Emotions Matching Game | Simple Fun for Kids
Oh these pineapple emotions cards are too cute!  Here is a great way to develop social emotional skills with toddlers.

Dinosaur Matching Game Printable | Homeschool Preschool
Dinosaur lovers will enjoy these playful visual discrimination printables.

Mickey Colors Memory Game | Momorails & Magic
Introduce color matching with this simple memory game.

matching games for 2 year olds

PLAY using Toddler Matching Printables

These matching printables can be used one-on-one with a family member, or used solo.  They may also make a great portable game to take on a picnic or while waiting somewhere.

However you choose to use any of these printable matching games, have fun and recognize your child is working on visual discrimination and MANY other skills-- distinguishing colors, shapes, letters, etc. and strengthening fine motor skills as they manipulate the printable pieces. 

Printables can sometimes get a bad rap for not being hands-on, BUT there are plenty of ways to add a hands-on, playful element to them:

  • add the pieces to a sensory bin
  • hide the pieces around the house
  • set up the activity to be used on contact paper
  • add household items if matching numbers or colors


  • Teach little ones to recognize the letters in his/her name with this clothespin name activity.  Your toddler will match a letter on a clothespin to one on a popsicle stick.  Great for fine motor skills, too! 

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