5 Senses Drawing Prompts Worksheets


Most children certainly aren't shy about weird smells or their disgust over what's for dinner, either verbally or by the look on their faces.  Oh I can just hear some of my children now (ha!).   

Sometimes young children, preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and 1st graders, are simply overwhelmed by what they are experiencing and simply may not have the language to express details describing what they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.  To help draw out their sensory experiences, we are sharing some simple drawing prompts.

These drawing prompt worksheets are a fun hands-on way to express the 5 senses through art.  And they make a great introduction to 5 sense poetry for little learners!

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The five senses are sight, sound, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  Through those senses, our body and brain make connections about the world around us.  Just think of how much we absorb through our five senses everyday... every minute!!

Little learners LOVE learning about the human body.  Learning about the 5 senses gives them a "peg" to help them understand the world around them.  

Sight: Our eyes help us make connections to light and dark, shapes and colors that we see.
Taste: Our tongue is the organ that helps us perceive what tastes sweet, salty and sour. 
Hearing: Our ears are the organ that help us to hear volume and pitch.
Touch: Our skin is the organ that helps us distinguish textures and the difference hot and cold.
Smell:  The nose is the organ that helps us smell whether something is pleasing or not!

To help young children share and understand their sensory experiences, I'm sharing these 5 senses worksheets!


These drawing prompts may be especially appealing to children that love to color and/or don't have the language to express their senses through words.

These print & go 5 senses worksheets are an easy activity to use with preschoolers, kindergartners, and 1st graders!

The worksheets encourage your child to share their sensory experiences- what they see, touch, smell, taste, and hear, in different settings:

  • at the park
  • on the farm
  • in their room
  • at the beach
  • and I've included a blank worksheet for you to fill in the topic.  Other ideas might be the grocery store, restaurant, at school, etc! 

Exploring the 5 senses is a popular topic with young children, so if you are looking for more activities-- check these out:

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And if you'd continue to make a whole unit on the 5 Senses, specifically tailored to the preschool (3-5yrs) age group, you'll LOVE our 5 SENSES PRESCHOOL UNIT LESSON PLANS.  This is one of our 20 themed unit lesson plans which are:

  • literature based
  • full of hands-on activities and printables
  • easily adaptable to your schedule

Similar to our other units, our 5 Senses Lesson Plans include a materials sheet, booklist, adaptations, and colorful how-tos!

Click the links for more information!

Ready to explore the 5 senses through art?!  Download the worksheets!


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