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Roll A Rainbow Preschool Number Game

Practice number sense with this colorful math game for your preschooler.  Roll A Rainbow Numbers Game is a fun and simple game with lots of educational benefits:  work on number recognition, colors, fine motor and counting skills.

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rainbow math game for preschoolers

Roll A Rainbow is a fun twist to our Clothespin Color Fine Motor Skills Game -- we even used the same clothespins for this activity.  We switched it up a bit and added some math skills, such as counting and number recognition. 

It's a simple math game to add to your spring activities!  Although, rainbows are a fun theme to explore all year round!  We played this game to go along with the Virtual Book Club's Rainbow week!  Along with playing this game, read the book: A Rainbow of My Own

Rainbow Preschool Game

  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • 6 clothespins
  • die
  • markers

Roll A Rainbow Set Up

If you don't have the colored clothespins from our Color Clothespins Game, color 6 clothespins a different color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Cut a paper plate in half and this will be the rainbow "cloud."  

On a little piece of paper write out a code to use with the die.  You can use a numerical die or a numbered die, whichever you prefer.  To add in some counting practice, we used a numerical die.

  • Thus, 1 dot = red
  • 2 dots = yellow
  • 3 dots = orange
  • 4 dots = green
  • 5 dots = blue 
  • 6 dots = purple.

(You could also just work on colors like in our Clothespin Color Game and color a 6 sided block a different color to correspond with the clothespins.  This game is easily adaptable to various ages!  Have a little one that is beyond numbers 1-6, use a printable die or wooden block and use your own numbers!)

clothespin rainbow math game

How to Play:

To play Roll A Rainbow, have your child roll the die and count the dots.  Find the corresponding color clothespin and pin it to the paper plate "cloud."  

I'll be honest and say I completely forgot to add the order of the colors to the paper plate cloud, so that my preschooler had an idea of where to clip the clothespin.  In that case, my preschooler just clipped them as he rolled the color.  Ah well!!  

rainbow preschool math game

This game can easily be played with more than one player.  Just double up on all the supplies and make it a rainbow race!

Use this rainbow game to practice various concepts:

  • Colors
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Number Sense: counting and number recognition

Enjoy this fun and simple Roll A Rainbow Preschool Game!

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