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Free Ice Cream Scoops Counting Printable

The Math Made Fun with Manipulatives Series just finished up, and I find myself inspired to create new math activities for my kiddos!  

Most recently this Counting Scoops Ice Cream Activity-- great for your child working on number recognition, counting, and 1:1 Correspondence! 

Who knew math could be so enjoyable!  Come back in a couple of years and see if I still think the same thing-- HA! 
preschool ice cream counting cards
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Preschool Counting Activity

With my big ol' bin of lids from pouch caps to water bottles to bottles of OJ, Little Sis worked on counting, number recognition, and 1:1 Correspondence up to 10.

However, this activity can be used with a variety of other manipulatives, too-- such as buttons, gems, pom poms, etc!

I printed and laminated our ice cream scoop printable and set Little Sis up with her own ice cream shop!  

We talked about colors and named our ice cream scoops, too!

Green was mint, blue was blueberry, red was cherry... etc. etc!

preschool ice cream counting cards

Counting Ice Scream Scoops is a great summer time learning activity, but obviously can be used throughout the year because- hey, ice cream is good any day of the year! : )

preschool ice crea counting cards

Enjoy counting ice cream scoops with your preschooler!  Just download the printable, print and scoop!

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