Paper Plate Name Web: Quick & Easy Preschool Name Recognition Activity


With some cute foam stickers courtesy of Craft Project Ideas, I made a Name Web activity for Little Sis.  This lacing activity also works on fine motor skills and doubles as a busy bag as it can be kept and re-used later.

paper plate name recognition preschool idea

What you need:

  • letter stickers
  • paper plate
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • sewing needle or craft stick
  • marker

Preschool Name Recognition Idea

Begin prepping the activity by writing your child's name in the middle of the plate.

Next, place letter stickers used in your child's name randomly around the edge of the paper plate.

Punch a hole at each letter, plus an extra whole as a 'starting point.'

Tie a very long piece of string to the 'starting point' and attach the sewing needle to the other end.

preschool name recognition idea

 Invite your child over to complete the name web by lacing the letters in the correct order.

preschool name recognition

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