Counting Bubbles Preschool Fish Theme Fingerprint Activity


Kids will love this fun fingerprint activity that incorporates a little bit of math and a little bit of mess!  Preschoolers and Kindergartners will have some fun counting and creating fish bubbles with their fingers in this hands-on fish theme craftivity. 

preschool fish theme fingerprint activity

It's a craft!

It's an activity!

.... it's a CRAFTIVITY!  Yep, totally just made up a new word.  I tend to do that.  I often add /e/ to the end of words, too...  But now that I'm on the spot, I cannot think of a made up word to tell you! ha! 

Alas, this preschool fish theme craftivity combines math and art!  Your preschooler and/or Kindergartner will enjoy this hands-on counting activity.  My preschooler just loved it!

Preschool Fish Theme Fingerprint Activity   

This counting bubbles craftivity was great for reinforcing:
  • counting skills
  • number recognition
  • 1:1 correspondence
  • fine motor skills

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Counting Fish Bubbles Fingerprint Activity


Begin by prepping the activity by cutting a fish bowl like shape out of blue construction paper, two or three fish, and some green sea-weed. 

For additional fine motor work, have your child help cut the shapes needed. 

Add your paint and glue to the tray and invite your preschooler to first assemble the craft by gluing the seaweed and construction paper fish onto the fish bowl. 

fish theme fingerprint activity

Choose numbers that your child is working on counting to and recognizing the print form, and write a number on each fish-- in our case, it was 9, 10, and 11.

First I had Little Sis try to identify the number, then we practice counting aloud to each number.

Next, we counted again, but this time she made that many fish bubbles around the fish using her fingerprint.

Thus the fish with '11' on it, was surrounded by 11 fingerprints!  And so on... 

counting bubbles fingerprint activity

Continue counting and making fish bubbles until the craft is complete!

preschool fish theme fingerprint activity

My preschooler's fish theme fingerprint activity, ahem-- CRAFTIVITY!-- turned out so cute!  It was so fun to make!  

Hope you enjoyed this fun, hands-on way to learn and play today! 

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