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G is for Gumball Preschool Alphabet Craft

Have fun learning the alphabet by making crafts highlighting each letter.  Today we are sharing a cute alphabet craft for the letter G.  Our G is for Gumball Alphabet Craft is perfect for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten aged child.

Letter G Preschool Alphabet Craft
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Materials Needed:

Preschool Alphabet Craft: Letter G

To prep G is for Gumball alphabet craft, cut two trapezoid like shapes-- one large one for the bottom and a smaller one for the top of the gumball machine from red construction paper.  As you can see, we did it a bit differently, but the way I did it in the picture is a bit more involved.  From the white piece of construction paper, cut out a letter G.

letter G craft

Assemble the G is for Gumball craft by gluing the large red trapezoid like shape near the bottom of the another piece of construction paper.  Glue the letter G next, then add the smaller red trapezoid shape to the top.

Once the gumball machine is put together, start adding the colorful foam circles-- aka: the gumballs!  Dot stickers or Do A Dot markers would also work great for this craft, too!  Any of those materials will work on fine motor skills!

Letter G Craft

Continue adding gumballs to your machine until satisfied!  My toddler and preschooler loved that part!  

Add some finishing touches like how much a gumball cost and you're all done! 

Didn't it turn out so cute?!

Letter G Craft

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