G is for Gumball Letter Craft


Have fun learning the alphabet by making crafts highlighting each letter.  Alphabet crafts are great for visual and tactile learners as crafting each letter aids in phonemic awareness and letter identification.  Today we are sharing a cute g craft.  Our G is for Gumball Alphabet Craft is perfect for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten aged child.

Letter G  Craft
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This g craft is not only a fun, hands-on way to teach your toddler, preschool, and/or kindergartener the ABCs, but also allows you to weave in other important skills such as color and shape recognition!

Whether you choose to add this g craft to your Letter of the Week activities, or just because... it's a fun alphabet craft to make! Other g activities and crafts might have you explore gorillas, glitter, grapes, ghosts, goats, grass, goldfish.... etc! 


Materials Needed:


Prepping the alphabet crafts can be a bit involved, however if your time, space, and sanity (!!) allows it, most preschoolers LOVE being involved in the gathering and cutting of materials.  Cutting is especially great for fine motor skills, but I know from experience that it is also helpful to have everything ready to go so all your child needs to do is assemble the craft.  However you choose to set-up this g craft (or any other letter craft), HAVE FUN! 

To prep G is for Gumball alphabet craft, cut two trapezoid like shapes-- one large one for the bottom and a smaller one for the top of the gumball machine from red construction paper.  

As you can see, we did it a bit differently, but the way I did it in the picture is a bit more involved.   I cut a letter G from the red gumball machine, AND a letter G from white construction paper.  

**  Timesaver tip!! Save yourself the trouble and just cut a large red circle for the gumball machine, and from the white piece of construction paper, cut out a letter G.

g is for gumball letter craft


Assemble the G is for Gumball craft by gluing the large red trapezoid like shape near the bottom of the another piece of construction paper.  

Glue the letter G next, then add the smaller red trapezoid shape to the top.

Once the gumball machine is put together, start adding the colorful foam circles-- aka: the gumballs!  As with any of our other alphabet crafts or activities we share, remember that they are adaptable.  Meaning, if you do not have the foam circles we used, use Dot stickers or Do A Dot markers would also work great for this craft, too!  Painted fingerprints, buttons, or any other circular shaped craft item will work for the gumballs.

Any of the materials above will work on fine motor skills, which is an important early learning skill!

letter g for gumball alphabet craft

Continue adding gumballs to your machine until satisfied!  My toddler and preschooler loved that part!  

Add some finishing touches like how much a gumball cost and you're all done! 

Didn't it turn out so cute?!

g craft for preschoolers

Have fun learning and playing with the letter g by creating your own G is for Gumball alphabet craft!  For other fun ways to explore the letter g with your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener, check out these activities: