Easy Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornament for All Ages


This Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornament is easy for kids and adults, alike!  Learn how to make these simple hand-made ornaments using ribbon, sticks, and glue.  With three simple materials, craft one or several Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments for your tree or to gift to others!

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornament

I happen to have a track record of picking the biggest, tallest, and heaviest Christmas tree from the Christmas tree farm each year.  Bless my hubby for letting me have the "final say," but out of the past three years-- not one, but TWO of our trees have come crashing down hours after we stand in awe of our perfectly decorated tree.

My heart sank the first year it happened.  

The second year I found myself often holding my breath, fingers crossed as we would come in from the garage and round the corner to our living room.  Thankfully, it stayed up all season.

Year 3. Our experience from the first year had moved to the back of my memory, however, just hours after the tree was up and I was downstairs with my little ones, I heard a noise.  

Had someone broken in?  Did something fall off the wall?

Nope.  The tree.  It was our tree and ornaments sprawled across the floor like a melted snowman.

Two times in three years?!  You've gotta be kidding me.  

I think next year, I'll forgo the final decision.

Has this happened to you before, too?  If so, I pray not twice!  And if not, feel free to share this story while making this Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornament

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The countdown to Christmas is ON!  We've been busy shopping, prepping the house with decorations, singing along to Christmas carols, and crafting.

As schoolwork is pushed aside and our craft stuff takes permanent residence all over the house,  I always try to make sure there is some sort of skill involved to sneak in some learning, too.

Our Ribbon Christmas Tree  Ornament is a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills this Christmas season with your preschool, kindergarten, or elementary aged child!

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments

How-to Make Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments

First, you'll need to make the base.  Begin by gluing 3 craft sticks into a triangle.  Add at least one more craft stick to the middle.

Cut a long piece of ribbon and glue it to the top of the tree.

Begin weaving the ribbon over and under the base of the Christmas tree. 

Continue until you reach the bottom of the tree or have run out of ribbon!

Glue the leftover ribbon to the bottom of the tree.

Add a snowflake or star to the top!
    We decided to turn our Ribbon Weave Christmas Tree Craft into an ornament, so we used hot glue to add a ribbon loop to the back of the tree.

    My preschooler {4} made one with a bit of help from me.  She finally began to understand the weaving concept towards the end of the project.  My 3rd Grader {8} never wants to be left out of our crafting fun, so he made one, too.  And of course, I made one as well.

    See!  Truly a simple craft for all ages!  What started as a craft for one became a family activity!  I hope you and your child{children} enjoy it, too!

    Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornament

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