Easy Tissue Paper Filled Ornaments for Kids


Take a break from learning today and have fun creating these easy tissue paper ornaments!  Kids of all ages will enjoy this ornament craft using tissue paper.  It's quick, easy, and child-led!  

Tissue Paper Ornament for Kids

My children love creating-- whether it is teacher directed or child led.

I think most children are the same way.

We share a mix of both types of art and today, our Process Art friends are sharing projects created with tissue paper.
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Our tissue paper art project was more of a craft, but since the focus was on the process than the product, we are sharing it with you today.

We made Tissue Paper Filled Ornaments!  

Yay for another ornament to put on our tree!

Tissue Paper Ornaments

Tissue Paper Ornament Supplies:

  • plastic bulbs {we purchased these light bulbs from Walmart}.
  • tissue paper
  • scissors

How to Make Tissue Paper Ornaments

There are so many ways to make this tissue paper ornament.

The ornament could be filled with many colors of tissue paper or simply one color.

The tissue paper could be rolled into small little balls, packed tightly, or stuffed loosely in the ornament.

The ornament could be completely filled or your child could simply choose to fill it with a piece of two of tissue paper.

Or, instead of filling the ornament with tissue paper, decorate the outside of the ornament with tissue paper using mod podge to make it stick.

Remember, however your child chooses to fill the ornament with tissue paper... it's all about the process!

Enjoy this simple and delightful process art ornament activity.  My children loved it and surprised me by filling up the entire ornament with tissue paper!

And BONUS, It is a great way to work on fine motor skills, too!

Tissue Paper Ornament for Kids

Set up this process art ornament activity by cutting up the tissue paper into squares-- large and small or simply present the tissue paper to your children and have them rip the tissue paper to the desired size.

Next, fill the ornament with tissue paper.  Continue until satisfied!

Add an ornament hook and hang this simple tissue paper filled ornament to your tree!

Tissue Paper Ornament for Kids

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