Letter W Craft


Craft your way through the alphabet to help learn letter identification and letter sounds.  And well, alphabet crafts are just cute and fun to make, too!  For the letter w, make this W is for Web craft.  Preschoolers and kindergarteners will have fun making this letter w craft!

Letter W Craft

Your preschooler and/or kindergartener will have fun working on fine motor skills by creating a spider's web on the letter w, complete with a plastic spider.  Have fun crafting this letter w craft -- W is for Web!

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What you need:

Letter W is for Web Craft

Prep the activity by cutting out the letter w from black construction paper.

Laminate for durability.

Next, punch holes around the letter w with a hole punch, about an inch or two apart (making them too close might frustrate your child... and you, as you hole punch around the edges of the letter w!).

alphabet craft for letter w

Tie an end of the white yarn through one of the holes.

Tie the other end to a small craft stick so that your child can thread it through the holes easily.

Tell your child to create a web by lacing the white yarn all over the letter w; there is no right or wrong way for your child to lace around the letter w.  He/she may lace around the edges or create a jumbled mess going from one whole to another-- it may just truly end up looking like a spider web!

Once your child is finished, add a plastic spider ring onto the yarn and then tape the end of the yarn to the back of the letter w craft.

web is for w letter craft