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Letter W spider Web Craft

Teach your toddler or preschooler the Letter W with this fun, hands-on spider Web craft!  This is such a great way to learn the ABC's! 

Teach your child about the Letter W with this fun alphabet craft, W is for Web.  Your child will have fun working on fine motor skills by creating a spider's web on the letter w, complete with a plastic spider.  

Letter W Craft

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What you need:

Letter W Craft

Letter W is for Spider Web

Prep the activity by cutting out the letter w from black construction paper.

Laminate for durability.

Next, punch holes around the letter w with a hole punch.

Letter W Craft

Tie an end of the white yarn through one of the holes.

Tie the other end to a small craft stick so that your child can thread it through the holes easily.

Tell your child to create a web by lacing the white yarn all over the letter w.

Once your child is finished add a plastic spider ring!

letter W Craft

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