Free Alphabet Trace & Color Worksheets


Practice tracing letters A-Z with these free alphabet tracing worksheets! Each worksheet page focuses on a letter of the alphabet. Your child will trace a letter and the letters of an animal beginning with that letter, and color an animal and the letter!

Free alphabet tracing worksheets

Here are some fun and free (!) printable alphabet worksheets to use with your preschooler!  Your child will learn the letters A-Z by tracing the letter and a name of an animal that begins with that letter.  Each page also has the uppercase and lowercase letter and an animal beginning with the letter to color.

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I definitely advocate for hands-on learning activities for the little ones-- age 3 to 6, but I do believe there is a place for worksheets as well.  I definitely use a mix of hands-on activities and worksheets for my young kiddos in our homeschool.  

Worksheets aren't all bad; they have gotten a bad rap, I think, because it takes the relational aspect out of teaching.... and/or they are often seen as ''busy work.''

These alphabet tracing worksheets provide a chance for your child and you to work through it together!  As you trace and color:
  • Sing the ABC song.  
  • Introduce the letter sound.  
  • Trace the letters.  
  • Color the pictures.  
  • Have fun!



These alphabet tracing worksheets include a worksheet for every letter of the alphabet.

Your preschooler will trace and color each letter, A-Z.  

Each worksheet includes a row of uppercase letters on the top and a row of the lowercase letters on the bottom of the worksheet.  Your child can find and circle or place a manipulative when they find the letter that is on the worksheet.  

There is also an uppercase and lowercase letter that your child can color, or add in some hands-on learning by having your child fill the letter with play dough, buttons, or another small manipulative.  

Your child can color an animal that begins with that letter.

Next are two lines focusing on tracing the letter.  A row of uppercase letters, and a row of lowercase letters.

Then, your child can practice writing the name of the animal that begins with that letter.  

This isn't just a simple, plain ol' boring worksheet...  Nope! This is tracing, coloring, matching the correct letter, and more!  

color and trace preschool letter worksheets


  • Printable Alphabet Worksheets
  • crayons/ markers/ colored pencils

Three Ways to Use these Trace & Color Alphabet Worksheets

Use these printable alphabet pages as consumable coloring/ tracing worksheets.   

Or, if you have a combing system, you could print the letters A-Z and make an alphabet book.  This would be a great option if you follow some type of Letter A Week program.

Or, you can place each worksheet in a dry erase pocket sleeves and use with dry eraser markers or dry erase crayons to re-use this activity another time.  Using a laminating sheet will also protect the pages if you decide to use with play dough or other small manipulatives.

abc coloring pages and tracing worksheet

Are you ready to teach your child the letters of the alphabet?  I love this mix of tracing and coloring for little learners!

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