Alphabet Letter Crafts Preschoolers will LOVE


Teaching your toddler and/or preschooler the letters of the alphabet?  Why not craft your way from A-Z with this collection of alphabet crafts?! Creating a craft that begins with that letter is a fun and hands-on wat to teach letter shape and letter sound awareness for little ones!

26 alphabet letter crafts

One of my favorite memories when Big Brother was 3 and 4 years old was creating a craft to go along with each letter of the alphabet-- that was in my pre-blogging days when I scoured the Internet looking fun and unique letter crafts

Fast forward to Little Sis's (who is now an awesome Big Sis to her little siblings) preschool years, and I decided to craft through the alphabet once more.  We created a few similar crafts as Big Brother, but having this blog as an outlet to share our learning activities with YOU.

Each one is fun, original, and simple to do; some may be a bit messier than others, but if you are doing some sort of Letter of the Week program with your preschooler or just looking for fun way to introduce each letter of the alphabet to your kiddo... grab some supplies and get a little crafty!


As I take a look at each of our crafts all in one place, it is so hard to choose a favorite.  I think they are all unique and some carry a special memory along with it.  

To find a list of supplies and a little how-to for each craft, click the links to be taken to the blog post. Enjoy crafting with your little one(s), too!

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Alphabet Letter Crafts A-D

alphabet letter crafts a, b, c, and d

Alphabet Letter Crafts E-K

alphabet letter crafts letters e, f, g, h, i

Alphabet Letter Crafts L-O

alphabet crafts letters l, m, n, o

Alphabet Letter Crafts P-U

alphabet letter crafts p, q, r, s, t, u

Alphabet Letter Crafts V-Z

preschool letter alphabet crafts v,w, x, y, z

As you glanced through our alphabet crafts, do you have a favorite?  Is there one or more you'd like to craft up with your little one?

Make learning the letters of the alphabet fun and unique with one of these 26 alphabet crafts!  Your little one(s) will love making one or all of these alphabet crafts for preschoolers!

preschool alphabet crafts

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