Marbled Outer Space Art for Preschoolers


This outer space art activity is sure to delight your little ones!  BUT, not just your preschoolers... I think kids of all ages will have fun with this outer space craft.  I mean, what could be better than marbles and paint?  Grab a few simple supplies and create some fun and unique outer space art!  It'll truly be outta' this world!

outer space art for space theme

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When planning our preschool year a couple years ago, we couldn't not have fun learning math concepts, art, sensory play, and literacy through a SPACE THEME.  Little ones love all things outer space... I do, too!   The sun, moon, and stars show the grandeur of life.... but all that "stuff" is just really cool, too. 


I planned our preschool space theme activities for February, but outer space is fun to explore ALL throughout the year!  And we loved our space theme activities so much we collaborated with some other amazing early childhood mamas and teachers and created SPACE PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS that contain a collection of 24 kid-approved and fun interactive learning activities perfect for preschool kiddos, aged 3-5.  

Go learn more out our Outer Space Preschool Lesson Plans

outer space preschool lesson plans

In addition to our lesson plans, which include two outer space crafts, here is another FUN outer space art activity for your preschooler!

Outer Space Art for Preschoolers

This fun outer space art activity involves paint, but there really isn't any mess involved-- gotta' love that right?!  

Outer Space Supply List :

outer space art supplies

With the supplies listed, get ready to make some fun outer space art that is truly outta this world!!

First, tape the black construction paper to the bottom of your baking pan; this is optional, but may help keep the paper in place.  Our paper was a bit larger than our pan, so we just kinda pressed it around to conform to the sides of the pan... or you can cut the paper smaller.

Next, let your kiddos choose some paint to create "shooting stars."  We went with purple and red.... (I did mention that this space craft is unique! ha!)  Drop the marbles into the pan and if you have a cover, place the lid on.

Here's where it may get crazy, but ask your child to tilt the pan side to side and to shake it front to back and to get the marbles rolling.  

Once your child is done, take the lid off to see all the "stars."  

To finish off the space craft, assemble the moon with the cardboard and tin foil.  This creates more of a 3D effect.  Be watchful of little fingers, and glue the moon onto the marbled construction paper.  ** If you would rather not mess with a glue gun, cut a circle from the foil and glue it down with a glue stick.

Finish this fun marbled outer space art project by gluing confetti stars and/or star stickers.

My preschooler LOVED this outer space craft!


Pair this outer space art with a few books and other activities OR let us do the "work" for you with our SPACE PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS I mentioned above!  We have a book list of easy to find space theme books and activities for math, literacy, science, gross motor, sensory, and MORE!  

Either way exploring a preschool space theme is a win-win!  



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