Easy Op Art for Kids


Have fun exploring abstract art with this easy OP ART for kids activity!  Kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, can have their hand in creating their own one-of-a-kind optical illusion art piece.  Enjoy this easy art activity and may you enjoy a little rabbit trail learning all kinds of things about OP ART.

easy op art for kids
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In a recent newsletter I sent out to all my lovely readers entitled "Do More Art,"  I wanted to simply share that art truly makes the world go round.  Not wanting to be long-winded again, but before sharing links to some easy and fun art activities they [my readers] could find here at Scbool Time Snippets, I said this about art:

''...it has been one of the things that magically lifts moods, encourages creativity, and 
brings my kiddos of all ages... TOGETHER!''

Do you find the same to be true in your house?  

Yes, there is mess... but when I embrace it and just roll with it, it has been a sanity saver in this hot mess of a year!  And with all that being said, today I've got a new art activity to share with you that I think you and your kiddos will love.

  • It's easy.
  • It's mess-free.
  • All ages can particpate!
  • It involves optical illusions!!

What is OP ART?

OP ART is short for optical illusion. Typically it involves a black and white image, but sometimes you'll find op art using a play on colors.  In OP ART, artists have used shape, lines, and patterns to create an image with an illusion of movement; it looks like it is moving, twisting, blinking, etc, but it is NOT.  OP ART is an illusion- a trick- on the eyes. 

I think many of us shy away from wanting to learn about art, perhaps because what we were taught long ago never interested us, or we think of "art" as only the masters from long long ago.  Truly, I think there is a form of art that will speak to everyone.

OP ART started in the 1960s spear-headed by artists, Briget Riley and Victor Vasarely.  Do a simple internet search to explore this type of art.  

I think most kids will love the "tricks" this type of art creates.  

All right, ready to create your own?!

Easy OP ART for Kids

Seriously, this easy OP ART for kids activity is for everyone!  Anyone can do this and create a fun and unique piece of art.  Not to single you out, but it's especially for the moms/ teacher that are art newbies and hate messes...  you know who you are. 


  • OP ART printable
  • pencil
  • various shapes

how to make easy op art for kids

Make Your Own Easy Op Art

Begin gathering your supplies from around the house.  

Search around the house for different materials to create your shapes-- grab a bowl, cup, puzzle piece, magnatile block, etc!  Pick one object or many objects of various sizes.... remember, YOU (or your kiddo) are the artist.  There is no right or wrong.  

Print out TWO OP ART printables for each child.  The colorful cardstock is optional, but I think it will give this easy art project an extra POP!

tracing shapes to create easy op art for kids project

Turn one of the OP ART printables backwards, so that the side with the black and white lines is facing down.  Place the shapes on the paper and trace around the shapes with a pencil.  

After tracing your shapes, cut the out with scissors.  If littles are around, make sure you have a pair of blunt scissors.  And to sneak in fine motor skills, encourage your young child to cut the shapes out. 

easy op art for kids

Now with your shapes cut out, arrange them on the other OP ART printable.  Layer them.. spread them out... tilt them-- again, design your optical illusion piece to YOUR liking! 

Once you're are happy with the arrangement of your shapes, glue them in place.

Don't you just love easy art projects?!!

Just print, cut, and paste!

easy op art for kids printable

As I mentioned above, it's completely optional but I cut around my daughter's OP ART piece and glued it onto a piece of cardstock.  

Doesn't it look great?!  

This easy op art for kids activity is simple enough to add as a "morning basket" activity for all my fellow homeschoolers, an introduction piece to famous artists for an art unit study, or simply just because!

Grab your OP ART printable NOW!

This easy OP ART for kids activity was inspired by Art John.

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