Bird Seed Sensory Writing Tray for Preschoolers

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Set up this unique sensory writing experience for your preschooler this spring or while exploring a Bird Theme.  My preschooler had fun forming letters and much more in a tray of bird seed!
Great Spring time Writing Tray for your Preschooler!
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Keeping things simple with my preschooler is definitely something I have tried implementing in our homeschool activities.  And our latest activity for our Creative Preschool Bird Theme is probably one of our most simple and fun activities yet!

All you need is a tray and bird seed!

Pour a small amount of bird seed onto a tray-- a little goes a long way.  You just want the tray covered with a thin layer.

Add in flashcards and a something to write with and have your child practice making numbers, letters, words, lines, designs in the tray of bird seed.
This writing tray is a great activity to explore the sense of touch and provides a unique sensory experience for your preschooler.  Add in some feathers to use the feather's tip as a writing utensil to write out letters or be brave and just let your child explore the feel of the bird seed with his/her finger.
When you are all done, just dump the bird seed outside and do some bird watching!

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