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Process Art Nature Painting


Art is a journey, not a destination is the perfect definition of process art; process art is simply emphasizing the doing of the activity-- not the final product. 

It is providing materials and letting creativity shine through

We recently teamed up with our Fine Motor Fridays friends that wanted to focus on process art and were challenged to get creative using paint.  

We decided to create using items found in nature.

process painting for kids with nature

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To begin our process art activity, I took a little nature walk around our yard gathering flowers, twigs, pine cones, leaves, etc with my toddler and preschooler.  
Once we had a paper lunch bag full of nature materials, we set up our art area with paint and paper.

Process Art with Nature

I filled a tray with different colors of paint and each child emptied his/her bag and went to work painting!

nature art for kids

It was a messy venture, but it was wonderful being out in the fresh air painting with items found all around us in our backyard.

Nature Process Art for Kids

Painting with Nature for Kids

My two year old opted for a "blob" and "smear" style.... 

painting with nature

My four year old daughter loved using the flowers and creating prints; the daisy prints turned out lovely.  

Nature Prints Process Art Painting

I joined in on the fun, too!! 

 I must admit that process art was a challenge for me as I often set up and steer activities with an end in mind.  

It was so neat to see how proud each of my kiddos were as they were painting and creating to their liking.  

Nature Painting with Kids

Have you and your children created any process art lately?  

I hope this challenge we are participating in inspires you!  

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