Sequencing Stick Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables


Teach colors and sequencing skills with the story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  This sequencing activity quickly became a favorite with my little one!  Just assemble the activity from our brown bear brown bear printables and have fun learning today with your toddler and/or preschooler!

brown bear brown bear printables
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The book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? just got added to my toddler's must-read-every-time-mom-sits-down book list.  Your toddler have one of those, too?!  

I love books.  

And it makes my heart soooooo happy to see her on the couch flipping through a story pretending to read.  

However, when it's the only thing she wants me to read... I digress.  Although, it was my fault as I was the one that introduced her to this story with these brown bear activities I set up for her! 

Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables 

To add this sequencing activity to your list of brown bear activities, just print and play!

Well, there are a few more steps involved, but I've got you covered with brown bear printables!

brown bear activities - sequencing stick


  • paint stick (preferably painted)

Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities - Story Sequencing

Begin setting up one of our brown bear activities by printing and laminating our sequencing worksheet. 

** Even though the white dog is set against a grayish background, it may still be hard to see at first glance.  So you may wish to add a red collar to its neck with a marker preferably before laminating-- although if with a sharpie, after works too!

Cut out the brown bear and the circles below.  

Attach the brown bear to the paint stick and the circles to the clothespins with a glue gun. *Be watchful of little hands (and your own!) while using the glue gun-- hot glue hurts!

brown bear sequencing activity

To add an element of self-correction, you can also color a small dot along the paint stick where each clothespin should go with a marker.  

Once the activity is set up, call over your little one for storytime.  Whether you use this as a time to snuggle your little one(s) on the couch or for circle time amongst several littles, get your reading voice ready to perhaps read the book several times over. 

Either present the activity before or after reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See 

toddler fine motor activity

My little one was eager to clip the clothespins AS we read the story, however in its simplicity, Brown Bear, Brown Bear's text can easily memorized to be used without the book.  In fact, have your toddler or preschooler re-tell the story as he/ she takes the clothespins OFF the paintstick! 

This brown bear activity is a fun way to work on: 

color recognition

sequencing skills

fine motor skills

Brown Bear Activities - Ways to Further Skills: Ask....

  • What color is the bird?
  • What comes after the purple cat?
  • What did the bear see first?
  • What/ Who did the bear see last? 
Enjoy a simple way to learn and play with your kiddo(s) TODAY! 

brown bear printables pdf

Thanks for stopping by!  Want to add this to your favorite brown bear activities?  

Grab the printable here >>  Brown Bear Sequencing Printable 

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brown bear printables

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