Q-tip Color Match Activity


I love when packages come in boxes.  Big or small, who knew a simple brown box could hold so much potential!  From large boxes from our COSTCO shopping trip to the small box sporting some new shoes, my kids and I have managed to upcycle them somehow, someway.  Sometimes for play.  Sometimes to learn. 

A small shoebox became the latest learning tool as it was perfect for this Q-tip Color Match Activity.  Created with my 3 year old in mind, this color matching activity is perfect for your older toddlers and preschool kiddos.  

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Recently my kiddos turned our large COSTCO boxes into cars complete with doors, steering wheel, windshield wipers and more!  Construction paper clippings and pipe cleaners all over the floor aside, I LOVE their creativity!

My ideas always gear toward learning something be it colors, letters, shapes, etc!  Sorry kiddos!  The "teacher" in me. ha!  Save that box for your next learning activity: 

Or our color matching with q-tips! 

Color Match Activity

Not only does this color matching activity work on the obvious-- matching colors (!), it also strengthens fine motor skills, and can be used for counting practice, too!

  • q-tips
  • empty box
  • paint
  • screwdriver*
  • paint brush

This activity will require a little prep work from an adult.  **Please use your discretion when putting our ideas before your children- you know them best! Adult supervision is required. Be watchful of materials used as children 3 and under should not be left unsupervised during activities that contain small pieces, or modify as you see fit.

Begin by adding squirts of paint from several different colors.  Brush the paint into small circles.  

Squirt some paint onto a plate or napkin and "swirl" one end of the q-tip into each color.  Make sure you have enough q-tips for each color circle.  

color match activity box for preschool

Be sure to turn the q-tips so that they do not dry to the paper towel; or perhaps dry it on a paper plate or glass plate instead.

Once the circles have dried on the box, take a screwdriver and poke holes into the center of each circle.  

When the painted q-tips have dried, this color matching activity is ready to go!

matching colors

Present your child the activity and invite him/her to match the q-tips to the circle on the box.  

Encourage/ model counting as your child fits each end of a q-tip into a hole.

Practice sorting by having your child sort the q-tips by color.

This color match activity is great to strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

Once your child is all done, have him/her grab each q-tip and take them out.  The cotton on the opposite end of the q-tip will begin to pull apart, so if storing the activity for another day either pull off the excess cotton or cut the ends off with a pair of strong scissors.

If you made this color match activity with a shoebox, simply store the q-tips inside the box!

This is a great activity to use again during dinner-prep, when working with another child, or when you need little ones quiet but busy during read-alouds.

 Use this color matching activity to learn and play today!



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