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Adorable Photo Flower Bouquet for Mom!

I am going to share with you a photo flower bouquet that we made last year for my mom for Mother's Day (it's only two months away!  Start pinning ideas!) and we had an extra set we were supposed to make, and just didn't!  But lucky you... I will be able to show you what we did!

Mother's Day Craft

What you need:

  • Flower cutouts from construction paper-- solid colors work best.
  • photos of the kids (think faces)
  • green sticks (or popsicle sticks painted green)
  • jewels (optional)
  • glue
  • jar
  • tissue paper or Easter grass

Mother's Day Craft

1.  Cut several flowers out of paper-- use one color or make it a multi-colored bouquet!  I folded the paper in half and cut from the fold so that I had a double-sided flower.
.... and decorate your petals with jewels and sequins (optional)
Mother's Day Craft

2.  Cut your pictures to fit the center of the flower.
Flower Craft for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Keepsake Craft

photo keepsake craft

3.  Glue stems onto the flower; because mine were double-sided, I cut a slit in the bottom and put my stem through it and glued.... (to make it quick, I used my glue gun).

4.  Once dried, place your flowers in the jar and stuff tissue paper or Easter grass inside and tie a ribbon around the jar to complete the finishing touch.

5.  Stand back and admire your beautiful bouquet!!

Mother's Day flower craft

This is a bouquet that can be cherished ALL year round! It's perfect for Mother's Day or just because! For another keepsake idea, check out my I Love You More Than idea.

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