F is for Flower Alphabet Craft

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Outside are flower garden is growing and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Inside we are crafting up our latest alphabet craft.  Inspired by all the flowers in our garden, we created an alphabet craft for the letter f-- F is for Flowers.

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To help Big Brother recognize the letters of the alphabet when he was around 3 or 4, I would plan our learning activities with a coordinating letter.  Unfortunately I am not as organized with Little Sis, so we haven't been doing anything nearly as structured.  However, crafting through the alphabet was such fun the last time around-- I had to do it again with Little Sis.


Letter of the Week Craft

Similar to our Letter A for Ant{s} alphabet craft, Little Sis was able to practice her scissor skills by snipping "grass" from a strip of green construction paper.  After she did that and glued down the letter F, she painted green stems all around the letter.

Next we glued the beautiful 3D foam flowers all around our letter F onto the stems Little Sis painted.... {they are actually stickers, but the kids decided to play around with them when I wasn't looking so they weren't as sticky anymore! Sigh!}

It is the perfect alphabet craft for the Spring/ Summer seasons when the flowers outside are in bloom!  

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